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21 Best FREE SEO Tools for On-Page Optimization

Google's official position on webmaster best practices really hasn't changed much over the years. What has changed is the search engine's ability to enforce these guidelines through improved algorithms. The implementation of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird has had a profound impact on the SEO landscape.
Google's Matt Cutts has remarked that no one should be surprised when a website that hasn't followed the guidelines is penalized. What Cutts overlooks or chooses to ignore is something that I have dubbed the "Google Paradox". I suspect the Google paradox is the root cause for one black hat forum member expressing his desire to "punch Matt Cutts in the face" (per Cutts' Pubcon 2013 keynote).
In order to reach the top of the SERPs and stay there in 2013 and beyond, your website must deserve to be there. It needs to be the best in class. It must offer the best user experience in that niche. Fortunately, there are a number of free tools that can help you achieve that goal.

Keyword Research

Developing the right list of keywords remains a staple of SEO, even in 2013. Because the keyword selection has such a profound impact on the overall performance of a website, the keyword selection process shouldn't rely on a single tool.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Seo Tools (

Similar Page Checker
Search engines are known to penalize websites that contain duplicate / similar content. Your content could be similar to other websites on the Internet, or pages from within your own website could be similar to each other. This tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages.
Search Engine Spider Simulator
This tool simulates a search engine crawler by displaying the contents of a webpage exactly how a search engine would see it. It also displays the links that a search engine would follow (crawl) when it visits the webpage.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis
This tool help you determine the link text used by your backlinks to link to your wesbite.

Backlink Builder
This tool helps you build a LOT of quality backlinks. It searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like "Add link", "Add site", "Add URL", "Add URL", "Submit URL" etc, most of the results could be potential backlinks. Text links are important for ranking well in search engines.

Backlink Summary
This tool will give you a summary of your competitors backlinks.

Keyword Density Checker
This tool will crawl the specified URL, extract text as a search engine would, remove common stop words and displays the density of your keywords.

Redirect Check
It is import that a search engine is able to follow any redirects that you may have set up. This tool helps you determine whether the redirect you have created is search engine friendly.

Link Price Calculator
This tools will help you provide SEO Services by determining the appropriate amount you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link (ad) on the specified URL.

Reciprocal Link Check
This tool helps you ensure that your link partners are linking back to your website. It also determines the anchor text used by your link partners to link to your website.

Cloaking Checker
This tools tries to detect whether a website is 'cloaking' it's contents for search engines

Domain Age Tool
Older domains may get a slight edge in search engine rankings. This tool displays the approximate age of a website on the Internet and allows you to view how the website looked when it first started. It also helps you find out the age of your competitor's domains.

Keyword Suggestions Tool
This tool will help you determine relevant and popular keywords related to your website.

Website Keyword Suggestions
This tools tries to determine the theme of your website and provides keyword suggestions along with keyword traffic estimates.

URL Rewriting Tool
This Search Engine Optimisation tool helps you convert dynamic URLs into static looking HTML URLs.

Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestion Tool
Having a KEYWORD-RICH domain name is an important factor for Search Engine Optimization. This tool will suggest keyword rich domain names.

Alexa Rank Checker
This SEO tool allows you to get the Alexa traffic rankings of you and your competitors.

Backlink Tracker Pro
Free tool to check your paid / exchanged links. Get alerts when your backlinks have been removed or converted to nofollow links.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Part 21 - Conclusion

By using the information contained in this SEO guide, you will have your site listed in the Google and Yahoo search results within 6 weeks, and quite possibly on the first page of the listings within 60 days.

All it takes is determination, an open mind, and a little hard work. But the benefits will be well worth the effort!

The techniques listed in this guide are conservative in nature, so you needn't fear incurring a future penalty by using them.

Leave the shady tactics like hidden text and keyword stuffing to the Spammers. Their sites may outrank yours for a short time, but when (not if) they're caught your site will be at the top of the SERPS while theirs fall by the wayside.

And remember, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques aren't static. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. What works for good placement today could send you plummeting to the depths of the SERPS next month (or even cause your site to incur a penalty).

Stay up-to date on all the changes in the SEO world and continue tweaking your site accordingly.

Here are a few excellent resources that we use every day:
  • Google News forum at WebmasterWorld - A great source for up-to-the-minute SEO information. It's free, and the experts that participate there are simply amazing! Read the posts, ask questions, and absorb the vast amount of SEO information available there.

    A few hours a week spent in the WebmasterWorld Forums can reap dividends that you simply can't purchase at any price.

    (And in case you're wondering, I have no "ties" to the site, just an amazing fascination and appreciation for the amount and quality of the information available there.)
  • SiteProNews - Get the very best up-to-date webmaster news and information in your inbox every day! Every issue of their newsletter has a useful article and tons of information. Highly recommended for keeping up to date on everything webmaster related!
  • TycoonTalk - Visit the TycoonTalk forums and discuss website design, coding, graphics, affiliate programs and more!
Good luck with your web based business!

Part 20 - FFA pages: Why you should avoid them

FFAs are basically web pages where anyone can submit the URL for his website for free (hence the term Free-For-All). The web is home to thousands upon thousands of FFA pages.

FFAs may sound like a great way to get lots of free traffic to your site, but you should avoid these pages at all cost.

Why? Several reasons:

1. They are almost useless as a source of traffic. Very few people searching for a topic on the web will use an FFA page. Instead they will use a search engine or directory.

Think about it for a moment. Where do you go when you want to find something on the web? If you're like most web surfers, you use Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL Search, etc.

FFA pages are usually just a long list of unrelated and unorganized URLs which makes finding what you're looking for virtually impossible.

2. Most FFA pages require you to register with your email address before you are allowed to add your link. The owners of the pages then use the email address that you registered with in order to send you loads of Spam.

Even worse, they will often sell your email address to other Spammers. If you choose to use FFA pages, prepare to receive a never-ending flood of SPAM in your email inbox.

3. Using FFAs can lead to your site being banned from Google's search engine index. Many FFA pages require a reciprocal link from your site to theirs before allowing you to place your link.

Google, Bing, and the other top search engines consider most FFA pages to be link farms, and we have already learned what Google thinks of link farms!

Part 19 - List of Ezine advertising resources

Here is a list of popular ezine resources. You can use them to find Ezines to submit your advertisements and articles to. - You can reach over 10 million targeted customers through their associates Ezine lists

FreezineWeb - An excellent resource for Ezine advertisers

New List - A large directory of Ezines

Part 18 - List of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines

Marchex - Several advertising options including PPC. An excellent company to do business with. Very professional.

Kanoodle - RLROUSE.COM uses Kanoodle for many of our Pay-Per-Click campaigns. They're inexpensive, easy to use, and very effective at driving highly-targeted traffic to your site.

Google Adwords - Excellent PPC option from Google. No deposit is required to start using the service. Super service from the #1 name in search.

Part 17 - How to leverage your higher traffic flow for higher profits

After you have followed the steps in this guide and attained a high ranking in the search engines, you will soon have a large amount of traffic flow to your site. Now is the time to sell, sell, sell!

But the products and services that you offer on your website aren't the only avenues to profit available to you. Your website traffic itself can be an excellent source of revenue. You can use your site to:
  • Sell banner or text ads to other businesses.
  • Sell advertising in a newsletter or Ezine.
  • Earn commissions through affiliate links and banners.
An excellent way to maximize the cash earnings from your website is to sign up withFastclick. They have lots of options for displaying high-paying ads on your site, including leaderboards, banners, popunders, and several other types of ads.

And best of all, Fastclick pays you, the publisher, 65% of the fees paid by the advertisers. You can't lose with this one!

A new advertising vehicle that works very well for sites with lots of content is Google Adsense. All you have to do is apply for an Adsense account with Google.

They'll review your site, and if accepted, you just add a short snippet of code (provided by Google) to your site where you want the ads to appear.

Google will then spider your page(s) and start serving relevant ads in short order. No keywords to fool with! All you do is add the code to your pages and Google does the rest.

Then when a visitor comes to your site, she'll see the Google ads. If she clicks on one, you'll get a commission. It's really that simple!

If you sign up with Adsense, be sure to read the directions, user agreement, and FAQs carefully so that you can be sure that you're in compliance with their rules. You can even use Fastclick popunders in conjunction with Google AdSense to double your earnings potential!

I'm sure there are many other ways to earn money through your website's traffic. Just use your imagination and Google to find them!
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